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The test below is for primary school children. If you have an older child please use the test for secondary school children.

Primary school children test

Does your child :-

Have particular difficulty with reading and spelling.
Put letters and figures the wrong way round.
Have difficulty remembering tables, alphabet, formulae etc.
Leave letters out of words or put them in the wrong order.
Still occasionally confuse 'b' and 'd' and words such as 'no/on', ‘was’ and ‘saw’.
Still need to use fingers or marks on paper to make simple calculations.
Have poor concentration.
Have problems understanding what he/she has read.
Take longer than average to do written work.
Have problems processing language at speed.
Have difficulty with dressing, tying shoe laces, ties, etc.
Have difficulty telling left from right, order of days of the week, months of the year etc.
Surprise you because in other ways he/she is bright and alert.
Have a poor sense of direction.
Lack confidence and have a poor self-image.
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