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Full diagnostic assessments are carried out in the comfort of your own home. This helps keep the process as relaxed and informal as possible. All that is required is a table and a quiet space.

A full diagnostic assessment for dyslexia

  • A full diagnostic report assesses an individual’s underlying ability, attainment and cognitive skills, establishing where their strengths and weaknesses lie.
  • Prior to the assessment I will gather the background history and reasons for the assessment, whether in person or from an in-depth questionnaire from both home and school.
  • After the assessment is carried out, it is followed by a detailed, comprehensive and jargon free, individual report.

The diagnostic report will contain:

  • A summary of the background history.
  • An outline of the tests administered and an analysis of the performance of each test.
  • A summary of the overall results and what they mean.
  • Recommendations of support for home and school.
Time: about 3-4 hours for the dyslexia assessment. This can be done either in one sitting with small breaks if necessary or over two sittings on different days depending on the individual.
Fee: £375
I am a member of Professional Association of Teachers and Students with Specific Learning Difficulties
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